Complimenting a Stranger is What We’d Most Like to Do in Public But Don’t Have the Guts, Says Top 10 Survey

Complimenting a stranger in the street is the top thing adults would most like to do in public, but don’t have the guts, according to a poll from the UK.

The poll of 2,000 adults found 40 percent ‘consciously limit’ themselves in life because they fear being criticized when doing things more freely.

Well over half of respondents feel more alive when they push themselves out of their comfort zone, but they are often too scared to take the leap.

One in three (34 percent) worry what other people would think if they were to be so adventurous—and 43 percent hold so much of themselves back that they believe others would be shocked to learn their true personality.

Pavan Chandra from Peperami, which commissioned the poll as part of a new campaign to encourage spontaneity, said, “We as a nation are traditionally known as being a bit stiff and reserved.

“However, if everyone went outside of their comfort zone once in a while, they’ll start seeing the fun and exciting side of life.”

The survey, carried out by OnePoll, revealed that going to the cinema alone, singing aloud, and walking barefoot are other unconventional activities we are too embarrassed to indulge in.

However, while 62 percent believe everyone should be able to feel like their most expressive self without judgement, 24 percent feel judged on a daily basis.

Many reckon those closest to them would be shocked to see them doing something they wouldn’t normally do.

Trying something new, visiting a new place, or something fun that makes you laugh, were the things that encouraged people to break out of the ordinary in everyday life—and most people reported being happy, free, or excited as a result of stepping out.

“We want to encourage people to let go of their shyness and do what they want more freely without embarrassment,” added Chandra.

How many things from this top 10 list have you done in public? (Sans No.6, we would encourage you to transfer these to your bucket list—and, try doing five and ten at the same time!)


1.    Compliment a stranger
2.    Go to the cinema alone
3.    Walk down the street singing loudly
4.    Tell someone they love them
5.    Listen to something without headphones
6.    Fart or burp openly
7.    Walk barefoot
8.    Do yoga stretches in the park
9.    Adjust your underwear
10.   Dance in the street

To encourage the nation to break boundaries and have a moment of spontaneous joy, YouTuber Yung Filly, the new brand ambassador for the snack creators, is encouraging his close friends to let go of their inhibitions in a three-part video series, at @peperamitv via social channels.